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Channel-e (Online exam software)


1. Resources like db_name, user/password and etc have been hard coded. If you want to change the db name, host name, user/password, driver etc, you should replace the hard coded things! (Use a Perl command to replace the string occurrences).

Otherwise, just do the following things.

1. Your Mysql server should be running in the local machine (
2. Create a mysql user account with the user name ‘mani’ and password ‘mani’. (Yeah! he is the culprit, did hard coding crimes!)
3. Create the databases onlineexam, testlist and result under the user 'mani'
4. Create the tables as mentioned in the docs/tables.txt
5. copy the onlineexam.war into your <tomcat-home>/webapps/ directory.
6. Now restart your Tomcat.
7. Type:
A window will pop up. If pop-up blocked,
Try this link:
8. Wait… before taking tests, you would have created at least some tests first.
9. Insert records into onlineexam.staff_account table. This becomes the admin account.
Go to
10. Now, create/modify/delete new/existings tests.
11. Go to onlineexam.attendee_account table.
The 'No' column just represents the no of tests so far. The name column says the login name for the candidate. The password is for the candidate.
Accesslist column format: testname:time_in_minutes

| no | name | password | accesslist |
| 1 | mani | test | sample:10 |

For example, the above record in the table indicates that the 'mani' identified by the password 'test' can take the test 'sample' and the time frame for the test for the user us 10 minutes.
Note: You have to insert this row after creating the test and before taking the test.
12 Note:

You must have a SMTP running in the local. If not, no problem, you will simply get an exception which is not going to hurt any one. (The score report is not emailed to the candidate, that’s all)

(If you need more clarification on installation part, write to "Manivannan Palanichamy" <manivannan.p (at) gmail.com>)