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Channel-e (Online Exam software)


Features and Limitations:

1. The project can handle ‘n’ number of client connections. (Obviously, it is up to your server’s configuration).

2. The admin can create (delete, modify) any number of tests. Also, he can set the time frame for every test. If the time frame exceeds, then the test session automatically expires and the score is evaluated.

3. After the test session, a report is generated and saved in the database for future use.

4. When a candidate completes his test or closes in the middle, his score is evaluated and the score count is emailed to him as well.

5. A test can have only multiple choice type questions. Es specially, there can be maximum of 4 choices per question.

6. Each question carry equal mark. The final score is calculated in terms of percentage. So, the score is displayed in terms of percentage only.

7. If the server crashes in the middle…, that’s all. The session or score cannot be retrieved. You have to take the exam once again.

8. We have done a very good testing at least! So, we guarantee that you will not receive any 500+s (I mean, Server internal errors!).

Technical Documentation:

9. This is a kind of simple project, developed in a very shot time frame. So, the code is not up to any standard. Every thing is ‘Plain old’. You can read the code as a kinder garden kid does.

10. Let us assume the <onlineexam-home> refers to onlineexam folder.

11. The jsp files and html files are kept inside the onlineexam folder.

12. The mysql connector jar files are found in side WEB-INF/lib folder.

13. And, the important things are …. Hard coded!

14. Have patience to run.

Instructions for taking the test:

Here, are some guide lines to the users for attending the test without facing any troubles.

  1. The first important thing is, do not click any button more than one time. We kindly request you to have some patient to wait until the page is loaded.

  2. If  you do not know the answer for any question, DONT CHOOSE ANY CHOICE, click next button and attend next question. Once, you come to finish all the questions, you will see the list of UN-ANSWERED QUESTIONS, then you choose one by one and answer them.

  3. The browser will open a POP up window and your test session will start from the newly popped window.  DONT PRESS BACK button or FORWARD button present in  browser. Please use available buttons only. Other wise your session may expire and your test attendance may be cancelled.

  4. Enroll your correct details (like, user name, register number (university register number or any valid identity) and other required info. Dont leave any field empty.

  5. Each question will carry  1 mark, also no Negative Marking scheme. Result will be displayed at the session end.

  6. Once, you click the 'Test Finished ' button, your session will be closed safely and your score details will be enrolled in database.

  7. Any award  or certificates will be forwarded to your college address (that you are going to fill.)

  8. Your result details will be sent to your email, by the moment you finish the test.

  9. Timer will be running at the top most right corner of the browser. Your session will be automatically closed and your answers will be evaluated with out any intimation, if the  time slice expires.

  10. We designed this test software with in a short span of time, so some bugs may be left uncovered,  when you see any malfunction in this software behaviour,